Diploma in Aviation (DipAv) (ND1707)

The aviation industry of the future will increasingly demand from aviation colleges and schools:

  • Graduates who are technically well qualified and whose skills are fully documented
  • Professionals with an increasing range of pre-employment skills and knowledge
  • Comprehensive statements of individual achievement.

Ardmore Flying School is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to offer the Level 6 New Zealand Diploma in Aviation (NZDipAv), allowing you to complete either the Airline Preparation or the Flight Instructor strand. And if you are really motivated, you could do both.

The fact Ardmore Flying School has obtained New Zealand Diploma status for its courses is a good indication as to how its training programmes and facilities are viewed by the authorities.




Location & start dates
Ardmore Flying School
89 weeks
Total Credits
253 Flight Instruction Strand -289 Airline Prep Strand
Study options
Fees - Domestic*
Additional course costs

* Fees listed are the total programme of study, are indicative only and may vary with course selection. Exact fees can be confirmed when you enquire or apply.

International learners are required to pay additional costs to attend one of our courses or programmes. These additional costs include an international fee, medical and travel insurance cover. Please email enrolments@ardmore.co.nz for further information.

Core modules required

Students enrolled at Ardmore Flying School are enrolled into the Diploma in Aviation. To achieve this diploma, students must complete the following core modules:

  • PPL(Core Course)
  • CPL (Core Course)
  • MEIR/SEIR (Core Course)
  • C-Cat Flight Instructor Rating (Flight Instructor Strand
  • Frozen ATPL Examination credits (Airline Preparation Strand)
  • Multi-Crew Integration Course (MCIC-Airline Preparation Strand).

Next Qualifications

Once students complete their core modules they can complete the Diploma in Aviation (Flight Instruction) or Diploma in Aviation (Air Transport) by:

  • obtaining a ‘C’-Cat Instructor Rating, or by
  • obtaining a frozen ATPL licence by completing all seven ATPL exams