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Welcome Students from Nigeria

Why train at Ardmore Flying School?

Ardmore Flying School is one of New Zealand's leading flight training schools, having been established in the flight training industry since 1961.

Our training standards are such that our students are taught the business of aviation, not just taught enough to pass an exam or flight test. The thoroughness of our programmes coupled with our high standards of flying skill means our students graduates are able to demonstrate a higher level of competency.

There's a considerable difference between just getting a pilots licence and being a professional pilot.

Let Ardmore Flying School help you maximise your employment opportunities with our professional training programmes.

Aviation Industry Outlook

If you are passionate about flying and considering flying as a career option, than this is an exciting time to begin your flight training to achieve your career goals. Leading analysts estimate that there will be enormous need for new pilots globally for the next 20 years driven by growth in Asia, Africa and Gulf regions.

Our Courses

We have several training programs as under:

  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi Engine Rating and Instrument Flight Time.
  • Certificate in General Aviation - Level 5 (CPL with Multi Engine Instrument Rating)
  • Diploma in Aviation (Airline Preparation) - Level 6
  • Diploma in Aviation (Flight Instruction) - Level 6

Admission Requirements

We provide ab-initio training. You do not need prior ground training or flying experience to join us.

1.Age 18 years at commencement of training;

2.High School with good grades;

3.Good English language skills (IELTS 6.0 in Academic module)

4.NZ CAA Class 1 Medicals.

5.Pass our online Pilot Pre-Screening Test (ADAPT)*

*ADAPT is an online test, costs approximately NZ$70 and takes 10 minutes to complete. It assesses whether you have the physical skills and personality to be successfully trained as pilot. It is a test of your natural ability to learn and process information. You can stop and start the test at any time and can re-sit the test, if required. For details and to take the test, visit

Intake Dates

We have 5 intakes in a year but could arrange a special intake for group of 6 or more students.

Fee Payment

Tuition fees are payable only after you receive Approval-in-Principle for your student visa.

Student Fees Protection Scheme

Your fees are not paid directly to the school, rather held in a trust account as mandated by the New Zealand Government. This trust account is independently managed by a law firm and accounting firm to ensure compliance with NZ government regulations. This means your funds are 100% safe from risk of loss to due to Flight School failure.

Study to Work to Residence

On completion of our Diploma in Aviation Level 6 courses students will be eligible for 12 months Post-study Work Visa (Open). Job offer is not required for this visa and you can work for any employer in any position. Upon securing relevant job offer, students will qualify for a further Post-study Work Visa (Employer Sponsored) for 2 more years.

Living Expenses

It is a visa requirement that you show evidence of funds for your living expenses in New Zealand (lodging, boarding, transport, entertainment, communication) unless you are sponsored by a New Zealand Citizen or Residence Class Visa holder.

Visa Assistance

We will arrange your student visa.

Travel & Medical Insurance

Travel and Health Insurance is mandatory and we will arrange your insurance cover for the entire length of the course.

Accommodation and Transport

We offer modern furnished accommodation with all utilities and amenities within 5 minutes drive from our academy. Each accommodation has 4 bedrooms with one student in each Bedroom (some with ensuite). Check our accommodation at We also provide transport to and from the academy.

For more information and to commence your enrolment today, contact our Regional Manager.

His contact details are:

Celestine Robinson

Regional Manager - Nigeria