Get an insight into pilot training at Ardmore Flying School from those who have been through the training and are now living the dream.

Graduated 2011 – Second Officer on 747s in South East Asia Airline

I love the people I’ve met at Ardmore Flying School. Because aviation is such a small industry globally, I am lucky enough to work with my friends who I studied with and I’m always running into other friendly faces from Ardmore Flying School in my work. The training Ardmore Flying School provided me was tailored to my needs and instructors were really flexible. I found my instructors were at a really high standard. They were always available when you needed them and you could ask them any questions at any time and they were always happy to help when you needed them.

Ardmore Flying School prepared me for what laid ahead. I think Ardmore Flying School’s standard of training is above other training schools in New Zealand. You do more than just learn how to fly here – you learn how to work as part of a team and how to be a professional pilot.

You don’t have to be the smartest person in the world to achieving your dreams. It’s the hard work that goes into your dreams that gets you to where you want to go. And Ardmore Flying School taught me how to get there.

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Graduate 2010 – First Officer, New Zealand Regional Airline

Flying was always something I had dreamed of doing, although it seemed quite far away, not being a mathematician or extremely gifted in the field of physics. Despite this I decided to visit Ardmore Flying School to see what was required to train for a pilots licence.

While I was there I received an introductory flight, where you can go up with an instructor and take control of the aircraft. After this I was hooked, I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

As I was looking to continue with aviation as a career I found Ardmore Flying School to be the best fit for me with a more structured environment than an aero club and a vast amount of experience throughout the instructing staff. The availability of factory new Cessna 172’s was also great, with the option of training on the new G1000 glass cockpit aircraft. Its locality was also very convenient with many student flats and accommodation available just down the road from the school.

Throughout my training the instructors at the school were extremely helpful and were always available to answer questions or sit down and explain concepts no matter how busy they were. I soon discovered that as long as you have the drive and motivation, flying can be a reality for anyone. The instructors I had for my training were great and made learning to fly an awesome experience. Many of them now fly for airlines within New Zealand and around the world.

The other side of a training organization like Ardmore Flying School is meeting all the people who are going through the same experience as you; most of them becoming mates for life. From the first day of theory course where you know nothing about aviation to holding a commercial pilot licence with an instrument rating is a great milestone to reach, even better being able to reach it with those same people you sat with on day one.

I would recommend Ardmore Flying School to anyone who is looking for great training with great people, learning to fly is a great experience you won’t forget.

Graduated 2009 – First Officer on Airbus A320 with Australian Airline

I graduated from Ardmore Flying School in 2009 with a Commercial Pilots Licence, with the addition of Multi Engine Instrument and Flight Instructor Ratings.

Studying to become a commercial pilot demanded hard work and commitment but has been one the best experiences of my life. My instructors were dedicated, reliable and friendly. Ardmore’s proximity to Auckland was a major benefit and I enjoyed flying in the schools modern fleet of Cessna Aircraft.

The school did an excellent job of preparing me for a career as an airline pilot.

They gave me the stepping stone of my first paid position in aviation, employing me as an instructor which greatly developed my flying abilities. While working as instructor I completed the required ATPL examinations and from there my experience qualified me for placement within an airline.

It is for these reasons I would recommend seriously considering Ardmore Flying School if pursuing flight training.

Graduated 2007 – First Officer, New Zealand Regional Airline

On the 6th of December 2004 my career took off. The moment I started my PPL theory course I knew I had embarked on a career that would not only take me to the most interesting places, meet new people, but most importantly a job that I love and enjoy doing each day.

One of my favourite memories from Ardmore Flying School is my first solo. I remember it like it was yesterday. The feeling of flying an aircraft all by yourself is literally out of this world. Having the support of fellow peers and the instructors around you really gives you the feeling that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve your dream of becoming a pilot. I found all the instructors and staff at Ardmore friendly and always willing to help no matter what the question is.

During my time at Ardmore I was lucky enough to be the first student in New Zealand to sit my Commercial Pilots Licence in May 2006 using the Garmin 1000 Avionics (Glass Cockpit). This really set me up for my airline career.

I was also lucky enough to complete my instructors rating with Ardmore Flying School, this took me through to B-Cat level and instructing on the Multi Engine Beechcraft Duchess. I loved my time working at AFS. It seemed everyone at the school loved what they were doing, whether it was instructors at work or students learning, the atmosphere was always buzzing with people passionate about their aviation careers.

Ardmore Flying School allowed me to gain the valuable experience that allowed me to fill the seat I have today. Not only did I learn to fly with some of the most experienced instructors in the country but also had access to the latest in technology and resources. I would recommend Ardmore Flying School to anyone, whether you just want to become a private pilot or follow a career in aviation. I look forward to hopefully coming back in a few years and sharing my experience and passion for aviation with future students.

Graduated 2008 – Second Officer in South East Asia Airline

I attained my CPL 2007, MEIR in 2008, C-cat in 2008, B-cat in 2009 and finished instructing Feb 2012.

The best thing I loved best about my time at Ardmore Flying School was the people. I made some great friends. I flew with two instructors and I enjoyed my time with both of them.

Ardmore Flying School prepared me and set the foundations of my career. Friendly environment made learning very enjoyable.

I would absolutely recommend my family and friends to come and study at Ardmore Flying School?